Should you be planning your first journey to the Eternal City, probably it will not be so easy to orientate among the many alternative tours proposed by the many web sites, agencies or groups like ours.

For this reason we want to make a recommendation of 3 basic tours that you can make in 1 day and a half and that will give you a solid basic knowledge of the city structure and history, at the same time providing you a strong base for a deeper investigation.

They are:

Imperial Rome Tour (driven)


One of the many names of Rome is «The City of the 7 Hills» and in this tour we’ll get familiar with some of them. The Capitol hill, the sacred hill of the ancient city now displays a renaissance architectonical masterpiece: the square designed by Michelangelo. But from here we may enjoy an total view of the valley of the Roman Forum and its fascinating ruins. From the top of the Aventino hill we’ll enjoy the view of two of the most impressive structures of the Imperial Rome: the valley of the Circus Maximus will be at our foot and the imposing ruins of the imperial palaces ( or Caesars’ Palace ) just in front of us, on the hilltop of the Palatine.

Entering the Colosseum (or Flavian Amphitheater) you will be guided through the biggest «Stadium» ever built by the past civilizations (mind: the Roman meant a different building with the word Stadium) where the most spectacular gladiators’ fighting were taking place.

A drive around the public Caracalla’s Thermal Baths will help you to understand not only the complex structure of these enormous «sporting clubs» but also their function in the Romans every-day life.

… our caring driver will pull over in front of each one of these sites so that you may listen to our commentary, take a few picture, and then we’ll rush smoothly to the next one. Very easy, isn’t it?


vatican_toursWe enter in the Papal state to admire some of the beauties of one of the most interesting museums of the world and pass among some of the most famous sections like the Candelabra gallery, the Tapestry Gallery and the Gallery of the Maps.

Then we will enter in one of the most celebrated masterpieces in the world art history: the Sistine Chapel, the palatine chaple wanted by Pope Sixtus IV with the famous frescos by Michelangelo.

We will the proceed to the Basilica of St. Peter, the biggest church of the world where, among 400 statues another masterpiece by Michelangelo is on display : the Pietà.

We’ll end our tour in St. Peter’s Square, where the weekly papal audience take place and where you may take a picture of the famous «papal window» on the façade of the apostolic palace.

Renaissance & Baroque

walking_toursFountains and Palaces, Churches and Squares built between 1500 and 1700. Stories of noble families, cardinals and Popes, but also high fashion boutiques and gelato shops. When Rome was the center of all art and culture of modern Europe, painters, architects and sculptors from Norway and Spain, France and Russia, all had to spend some years in the Eternal city. We will view some of the best examples of all the fine arts. This walking tour includes highlights such as : Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, Navona square, Hadrianeum, and important palaces like the Italian Parliament and the Senate House.