Rome the Eternal City: Rome the Capital of the Empire, the Capital of the Popes, the Capital of Italy. One City so many facets.

Reckoning with Rome’s history means to start our journey more than 27 centuries ago when Romulus and his companions decided to found a new City on Palatine Hill on April 21st 753 b.C., according to our legend. Touring the site and descending to the Roman Forum with your personal Licensed Local Guide you’ll learn that archeological evidence proves that a Latin group settled on the left bank of the River Tiber even earlier than that, at the end of the Iron Age. And what led a Latin village to become the Capital of the Roman Empire, leaving us such astonishing monuments as the Colosseum and the Pantheon? Your Guide will know the answer and take you back to the glorious days of the Emperors and the Gladiators, the Maximos of 2000 year ago.

img_home2After the fall of the Western Empire and the somewhat neglected but extremely interesting Medieval centuries we find the Popes established as rulers of Rome. How did they get to the power? Your private Guide will tell you and tour with you such jewels as theSistine Chapel and the Vatican, St.Angel’s Castle and Navona Square sharing with you the Popes’ secrets – even beyond the fictional revival brought about by Angels and Demons. Memories of Papal Rome also include the late Baroque masterpieces of the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, neighbouring the district of Via Veneto, for the nostalgic of the Dolce Vita and the glittering association of Hollywood stars and Roman paparazzis so well evoked by Fellini’s movie. With the glamour of the 1960s we have jumped into modern Rome, a chaotic and traffic-afflicted city of about 4 million inhabitants which nevertheless casts a magic spell on its visitors.

What can we compare Rome to? A time machine for sure: we modern Romans are the privileged and proud inheritors of landmarks taking us back and forth the centuries. We can “touch” history here in Rome and would like to share the same dizzing experience with you. Another fitting and more “appetizing” comparison for Rome is a lasagna: yes! Each age left a “layer” and what makes Rome so special is that you can cut through it anywhere as you tour the City. Rome is much more complex and richer than it shows looking at the picture of its world famous monuments. – By the way, shall we mention that the whole city centre of Rome is listed among UNESCO’s Heritage of Humanity sites?

In order to enjoy to the best and the full your stay in Rome – be it one day or one week – you’ll need a reliable knowledgeable Licensed Local Guide. This is what we are here for: we offer you customized private tours, tailored on your needs and interests. Inspired by our love of Rome and the desire to share it with you, we teamed up in order to provide quality and yet entertaining tours. Our plus? We are native Romans, we were born in Rome and grew up in the City and “with” the City: we know about Rome’s history and monuments, but we also know how to order the perfect cappuccino, or to find peaceful spots by the hectic and crowded tourists attractions, or to deal with taxi drivers… When in Rome do as the Romans do – we’ll show you how to do it!

Licensed Local Guides

tesserinoTo become a Tourist Guide in Rome you have to pass a written test and an oral exam on archeology, art history, geography and tourism laws. The exams are organized by the Provincia di Roma – the County of Rome. If you pass the test you are listed in the roll of the Licensed Local Guides of Rome and its Province and you receive a License allowing you to guide tours in Rome and its neighbourhood. Here on the right hand side you find the picture of our badge: the badge of all Licensed Tourist Guides of Rome. Please ask for it when you book a guided tour.

The License is your guarantee of the Guide’s professional qualification and also of his/her accountability: we have a first name and a last name, we are aknowledged by the local authorities of Rome and by the Vatican.

It would be unwise of you – as well as illegal – to hire the services of people who don’t have a professional license, i.e. who are not aknowledged by the local authorities. For the safety and security of yourself and your family make sure that you ask for the services of a Licensed Local Guide: you’re on holiday and you deserve high quality tours to be enjoyed in total relax.